Everyone loves a good candle, but how can you know what’s inside? Is it healthy for your family and pets? Aromatic Craft  Soy Candles, we believe in created wax melts and candles with 100-percent Eco-friendly and natural ingredients. Burning much like a standard candle does, soy candles allow homeowners to enjoy the warmth and scent of a traditional candle without the negative health effects



Lovely and Longer-Lasting

Our soy candles are lovely to look at, but they also last longer than paraffin candles of the same size. Why? Soybean-based wax actually has a slower burning time and a cooler burning temperature. While soy candles are more of an investment, they can burn for hours on end without seeming to disappear at all.


Soy candles hold onto the scents from essential oils with ease and gradually release the scent over time. Instead of an immediate, strong wave of smell, you’ll enjoy a light, pleasant atmosphere across the entire home. Our scent collection is constantly expanding, so tell us what scents you’d like for your home.

Shop Aromatic Craft Candles for a safer, more Eco-friendly candle and melted wax option. We look forward to offering you your new favorite candle.